Since I was a young tyke I today remember the sound emulating from a small electric device located on top of what my folks called the “ice box”. That box was an AM (only) radio that had poor to good reception dependent on the weather conditions in suburbia and/or how one moved it around on top of the “ice box”. Tapping in time on the foot rests of my wooden high chair I recall some of those big band sounds as well as the emergence of later became ROCK N ROLL.

Todays quest is: MUSICAL TRIVIA

1)It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty delta day…Name that tune….

2)April Four, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky…Name that tune..

3)Give The date mentioned in the title of this Earth, Wind and Fire November 1978 hit: Do You Remember the……….

4)The TEMPTATIONS  informed us that  PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE, and that Papa died on this date……..

5)In THE BAND’S historical masterpiece THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN, according to Robbie Robertson’s recollection “In the Winter of 65, we were hungry, just barely alive……on which date did Richmond fall?

6) 1959 RECORD OF THE YEAR was THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS by Johnny Horton. In what year did they take “a little trip along with Colonel Jackson along the mighty Mississippi…?

7)The following year of 1960 Johnny Horton had another smash hit with SINK THE BISMARK,historically accurate, what month and year does he mention?

8)Originally an 11 verse B-Side written by Miss Bobbie Gentry, this 1967 classic song was trimmed in half and re-released as an A side winning 4 Grammys and recognition as #412 of Rolling Stone Magazines TOP 500 GREATEST SONGS, ODE TO BILLIE JOE has Billie Joe McAllister jumping off which bridge?

9) The first TOP TEN hit for Gary Lewis and The Playboys was actually recorded by the legendary Wrecking Crew with heavily overdubbed vocals added to very weak vocals by Gary Lewis and of course  The Playboys were nowhere near the record(s). Actually arranged by Leon Russell, this hit was written by Bob Brass, Irwin Levine, and another famous keyboardist who also provided the organ parts for Bob Dylan’s LIKE A ROLLING STONE. Name this artist.

10)The Shangri La’s had a hit June of 64 with THE LEADER OF THE PACK. What was The Leader’s name?

“…tomorrow is another day”