IN TUNE AND IN TIME for September 21,2014

Once upon a time I wrote a weekly, some say” weakly”, feature for our local newspaper. While I found it somewhat stimulating for my brain cells, I also found it to be a task that others demanded of with deadlines, while others suggested what was to be written, and/or were sometimes critical of what was written. So this, my blog- IN TUNE AND IN TIME, will not be an adventure like my previous experience. Oh, it will be financial as rewarding as I never asked for payment on anything written. Nor will I respond to any negative criticism about what is written, seriously,I write for me and for enjoyment. So HERE WE GO….again.

This is a little ditty I call THE NEXT ROUND:

Finish this line….  (try to avoid pondering too long).

1960 hit for Brian Hyland mentioned an ITSY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE __________

Gary Lewis and the Playboys sung…..”Everybody loves a clown, ____________”

To Jim Morrison….”People are strange when you are lonely, faces look ugly _______________”

Sir Paul once exclaimed…..”She was just seventeen,___________________”

If you need a little lovin’, call on me, and  If you want a little hugging, call on me….Finish the phone number…..634-5______.

In THUNDER ROAD Bruce Springsteen tells us…….”Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays Roy Orbison’s singing___________________”.

The Easy Beats FRIDAY ON MY MIND………”Monday morning feels so bad, everybody seems to nag me, Coming  Tuesday I feel better even____________”.

Chuck Berry’s SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN has us…..”Really rockin’ on Bandstand, Philadelphia P.A, deep in the heart of Texas,___________________”.

“Hi everybody ,I’m Archie Bell and The Drells of Houston Texas, and we don’t only sing, we dance just_____________________”.

The ROLLING STONES……”Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of______________”_.

Route 66 written by BOB TROUP and recorded by virtual hundreds of artists takes us on a journey of “more than 2000 miles all the way, get your kicks on Route 66, St. Louis, Joplin Missouri and …Name the city that looks so pretty?

Confident that you are awaiting the answers for the previous posting…. those answers are:

ODE TO BILLIE JOE, Bobbie Gentry…PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE), U-2….The 21st of September (EWF)….the 3rd of September (The Temptations)….by May 10th Richmond had fallen (The Band)….1814 (Johnny Horton)….in May of 1941 (Johnny Horton)….The Tallahatchie Bridge (Bobbie Gentry)….Al Kooper……Jimmy.


As a follow up to #10:LEADER OF THE PACK-  Whom did the girls question about “Is she really going out with him?”

and ” by the way where did you meet him?”……….

FYI: AL KOOPER has a terrific, informative, and well written blog for us “older”  listeners of good music. It can be found at THE MORTON REPORT.COM/Features/new-music-for-old-people. Simply put, Al reviews a good amount of new and not so new music for us.

Hope all is well,….. “tomorrow is another day”.