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In Tune And In Time…

The career of Elvis Presley is a well documented one. From humble beginnings as a child in Tupelo,Mississippi to the pinnacle of popular music, followed by a slow decent in the charts,to a very dramatic “come back” and ultimately his untimely death at an early age of 42, Elvis was and still is an iconic figure whom many considered THE KING. Yet, How well do you know or remember his career?

Here we go with what I call…. JUST ELVIS:

(1)The last ELVIS single,released a few days after his death, was: A)MY WAY   B)HIT THE ROAD JACK    C) GOD IS GOOD    D) THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET.

(2) ELVIS had an amazing recording career with 38 TOP TENS, eighteen #1 hits. Yet Musicologists debate this number because one record, the a-side of which was HOUND DOG was #1 for 5 weeks, while it’s B-side was #1 for the next 6 weeks. The B-side was…A)BLUE MOON B) HEARTBREAK HOTEL C) BLUE SUEDE SHOES D) DON’T BE CRUEL

(3) Elvis had a few big hits on SUN RECORDS before RCA purchased his contract. THE KING’s first RCA hit was A) HOUND DOG B)HEARTBREAK HOTEL C)LOVE ME TENDER D)BLUE MOON .

(4) ELVIS recorded 24 songs during 1953-1955, some were self-financed demos. Of the 24, ten were released as 5 singles(a-sides,b-sides) on the SUN label. Today one of those 45’s or 78’s could fetch thousands of dollars for collectors (especially SUN209 released July 19,1954). The b-side was BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY….The A-side was  A) Hound Dog B) THAT”S ALL RIGHT  C) LOVE ME TENDER  D)BLUE SUEDE SHOES .

(5) Sam Phillips sold ELVIS’s contract to RCA for a significant amount of money according to the time, plus $5000 which he owed ELVIS in royalties. That amount of sale was A)$ 1,000,000   B)$5,000,000  C) $100,000  D) $35,000

(6) ELVIS’s harmony group was known as  A)The Beale Street Boys B) The Jordanaires C) The Memphis Mafia D) The Chiffons

(7) ELVIS served in the military from 1958 thru 1960. He left with the rank of…..A)Colonel B) PRIVATE C)CORPORAL D) SGT.

(8) THE MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET ,of which ELVIS was affiliated, got together at SUN Studios on December 4,1956.This quartet consisted of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and…. A) CHUCK BERRY  B)JERRY LEE LEWIS  C)FATS DOMINO  D)WILLIE NELSON .

(9) and (10) and BONUS:

This TRAVELIN’MAN outsold everybody during the 1950’s except ELVIS and PAT BOONE. He usually performed at the end of the hit TV show, NAME THE SHOW …. NAME THE ARTIST… and NAME HIS BROTHER …..

The previous query: Finish this:

In his 1960 hit  Brian Hyland mentioned an ITSY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE……(Yellow Polka Dot Bikini). Ooh La La…..

Gary Lewis and the Playboys sung…..Everybody loves a clown…(but why don’t you).

FYI: This first TOP TEN hit for Gary Lewis and The Playboys was actually recorded by the legendary Wrecking Crew with heavily overdubbed vocals added to the very weak vocals by Gary Lewis; and of course  The Playboys were nowhere near the record(s). Actually arranged by Leon Russell, this hit was written by Bob Brass, Irwin Levine, and another famous musician who also provided the organ parts for Bob Dylan’s LIKE A ROLLING STONE, AL KOOPER.

To Jim Morrison….People are strange when you are lonely, faces look ugly (when you’re alone).

Sir Paul once stated…..She was just seventeen…(you know what I mean)

If you need a little lovin’, call on me, and  If you want a little hugging, call on me….Finish the phone number…..634-5……….(789).

In THUNDER ROAD Bruce Springsteen tells us…….Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays Roy Orbison’s singing..(.For The Lonely).

The Easy Beats FRIDAY ON MY MIND………Monday morning feels so bad, everybody seems to nag me,Coming  Tuesday I feel better even…(my old man looks good.

Chuck Berry’s SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN has us…..Really rockin’ on Bandstand, Philadelphia P.A,deep in the heart of Texas…(round Frisco Bay).

Hi everybody ,I’m Archie Bell and The Drells of Houston Texas, and we don’t only sing, we dance just…(as good as we walk)

The ROLLING STONES……Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of……..(Wealth and taste).

BONUS ROUND: The Shangri La’s had a hit June of 64 with THE LEADER OF THE PACK. What was The Leader’s name? (JIMMY)………..

Who did the girls question about “really going out with him?”…(.Betty, Is That Jimmy’s ring you are wearing?)…..

and ” by the way where did she meet him?…(.at the candy store).

Hope all is well….”tomorrow is another day”.