How do you say goodbye to a legend? First, The LEGEND announced that this is the last tour, and then takes the show on the road for two years. With that said this night is my second shot seeing THE LEGEND’s GOODBYE TOUR having seen her a few months prior. This time my bride and I are going with my buddy and his wife. Dinner and a few drinks later, a semi-famous comedian Dom something or other, was doing his shtick about growing up  in a “mixed “neighborhood in the Bronx and he being an Italian living in the midst of  the Irish. This is when my buddy and I, two Irish boys had have enough of his Coleen, Eileen, Maureen jokes and being close enough we let him know it  “Hey asshole, that’s my sisters’ names” and left him to finish his act while we went to get some more drinks at the bar. Hey, we’re Irish, not drunks so don’t stereotype us.

Lights dim and out comes the legend on an elephant, a huge mechanical contraption but its still an elephant, one which walks every so slowly across the stage. Wait, maybe it was real? No,The video fed was crystal clear, and the sound in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN was better than ever. And THE LEGEND, still providing entertainment at its best, LAS VEGAS style, I imagine, as I never set foot in Nevada so I don’t know. This night I really wanted to hear “Gypsies ,Tramps and Thieves” and I kept wishing that The LEGEND would ask someone, especially me, to join her on the stage to play the tambourine. I told my buddy while having drinks that I was ready as I knew the entire song. Next, she was singing a duet with her dead husband, not actually live but a video screen version, I think. Wait, what did we or better yet how much did we have to drink at the bar? Overall it was a pretty good night, quite entertaining as we knew most of the songs, and my only hope that night was this was not truly the farewell tour because I’d be back. I love CHER, I think. My wife said we bought t-shirts.