TICKETS TORN IN HALF July 26,1976 DERRINGER/NILS LOFGRIN @WOLLMAN RINK in Central Park :This double bill was the draw so my friend Bobby and I headed in to Manhattan afterwork. What a great show it was. Nils did a backwards flip during his guitar solo, played CRY TOUGH (opener)KEITH DON’T GO, with a GRIN tune was thrown in and a CRAZY HORSE number for good measure. Rick DERRINGER was also “on” that night as he opened with STILL ALIVE and WELL, played ROCK N ROLL HOOTCHIE KOO with YOU REALLY GOT ME tease in the break and encored with REBEL REBEL. Not too shabby and KENNY, our boy from Brooklyn was on bass. Couldn’t get backstage after the show, oh well.

Derringer Lofgrin CP 76