ON THE SHELF: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? The Almost Authorized Biography of The Lovin’ Spoonful by Simon Wordsworth (2014) an e-book:

Over the years I wrote way too many times in my notebook about my admiration for THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL. It was THEE band I wanted to see more than anyone else and I couldn’t get anybody to take me. At one point I tried to dress like JOHN SEBASTIAN with a yellow shirt, a vest and denim jeans. All I needed was his signature spectacles. Hey, I was 13, so give me this one, okay?

When I was working (for a short period of time in a bank) I met Zal’s grandfather and told him about my deep appreciation for the band. WOW, I was surprised at his reaction, but that’s another story for another time. This E-book is a bit confusing to read, the info is great but the Chapter format is nonexistent with my reader. My enjoyment was finding out about their genesis, each coming from extensive (a few years) attempts at making the big time with other ensembles. Cass Elliott (Naomi Campbell, I love that) is a player in putting the Spoonful together, and ELEKTRA records offer of a $10,000.00 signing bonus ( check FOLLOW THE MUSIC- review) is debated here by band members who remember it as a $3000.00 offer by Jac Holzman when they asked for $5000.00. Anyway back to the band. John Sebastian, of Italian decent, is the son of a renown harmonica player. Zal, the Canadian is a sloppy mess with a great sense of humor, and the rhythm section, well, I’ll stop there and let you find out for your self…but you do know how the story ends after just 18 months together, before the drugs, egos, money and women rip the band apart.

MY LITTLE KNOWN FUN FACT THAT I LOVE: Zal and John met at Cass Elliott’s place for the first time,they were invited to watch THE BEATLES perform on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW.